14 Best Places to Read

Wondering where the best place to study is? Avid readers know (and often say!) that they love books so much that they can “read them anywhere.” While this is true for many of us, it doesn’t mean that every place in the world is equally good for reading.

Noise levels in a place can determine how easy it is to read in a place, as well as other factors that affect reading comfort, including comfortable seating, good lighting, and more. So if you’re looking for your next favorite place to read a book, here are 14 of the best places to read a book!

  1. At home
    We’ll start with the most obvious one – your own home is the perfect place to read!

Whether you’re reading in bed, in the comfy chair of your own cozy reading nook, at the breakfast table, or anywhere else, there are plenty of great places to read in the home. So if you’re wondering, “Where should I go to read?”, sometimes the best answer is to go anywhere and just enjoy reading in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Coffee shop or café
    Another popular choice when wondering where to find a good place to read a book is a coffee shop or cafe.

Coffee shops and cafes are favorite places to read because they are usually set up with comfort in mind and also allow you to enjoy tea, coffee, or a good meal while reading. Many cafes are cute and have a welcoming atmosphere, and sometimes you may even find a cafe with comfy chairs or a nice little nook, perfect for reading!

  1. Public transport
    Other possibilities for reading in public places include public transportation such as trains, planes, subways, buses, etc.

Whether you’re on your daily commute or on your way to vacation, time spent in a moving vehicle is time to read. (If your TBR is full, reading during your commute is a great way to reduce your TBR!)

Sometimes reading can be a bit chaotic in places like the subway or bus, but I find trains and planes are generally relaxing enough time to enjoy reading. But remember if you decide to take your books with you, you’ll probably want a good quality slipcover to protect your books from damage!

  1. Park
    Another of the most fun places for public reading is your local park! If you’re asking “Where can I read outdoors?”, then this is a great option for you!

Parks are often a great place to read because there are usually benches to sit and enjoy nature. There may also be nice trees to sit under and read, and you can bring a picnic blanket to sit on the grass or under the trees. (If you want to bring picnic food too, that’s fine! Even literature-themed food if you want!)

  1. Library
    Libraries are great places to read too, as they are set up for patrons to discover new books, and often for reading or studying too!

After all, what could be better than reading while surrounded by books? You can even check out more books to take home if you want!

  1. Bar
    Did you know that a bar is also a great place to read? If you’re looking for a public place to read other than a coffee shop, this might be a good choice!

Of course, not all bars are good for reading. You’ll want to look for bars in quiet restaurants, hotel lobbies, etc. so you can find a place that’s still relaxing and has a low noise level where you can enjoy a book.

  1. University Campus
    If you’re a student, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time on college campuses reading. But if you’re not a student, you might not have thought of this option when you were thinking about where to study.

Many college campuses are beautiful and offer a variety of outdoor spaces (sort of like parks) with grass or benches. Of course, this varies by campus. But if you’re thinking of changing places to read, check out your local college campuses to see if you can find your new favorite place to read!

  1. Beach
    If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach (or you’re on vacation), reading at the beach is one of the best places to read outdoors.

Beach reading is a great way to soak up the sun while reading the latest book – after all, the “beach reading” genre isn’t for nothing! Whether you’re on vacation or not, every day of reading on the beach is sure to feel like a vacation!

  1. Bookstore
    “Where should I go to study?” The question. There are obviously a lot of good answers, but don’t forget the bookstore!

Some bookstores have well-established small reading corner setups, and even have cafes inside the store for you to sit. If you love reading surrounded by books, this is the place for you! Who knows, you might also leave with a few new book friends…

  1. Museum
    Have you ever wanted to read a book in a museum? Museums are really nice places to read becausethey often have quiet and peaceful areas where visitors can sit and enjoy art or exhibits.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery for your reading, try checking out a local museum. You might find a cozy corner in the art section or a quiet spot in a garden outside the museum.

  1. Botanical Garden
    Speaking of gardens, botanical gardens are another great place to read and enjoy nature at the same time.

Botanical gardens are full of beautiful flowers, trees, and other plants that can provide a relaxing atmosphere for reading. Many botanical gardens have benches or picnic tables that are perfect for sitting and reading.

  1. Book Club Meetings
    If you’re part of a book club, why not suggest meeting in a new location for your next meeting?

You can try out any of the places on this list, or even find a new spot that’s special to your group. Sometimes a change of scenery can help to spark new ideas and discussions about the book you’re reading.

  1. Hotel Lobby
    If you’re traveling and looking for a good place to read, consider checking out the lobby of your hotel.

Hotel lobbies are often quiet and comfortable, with plenty of seating options and good lighting. Plus, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while you read.

  1. Outdoor Patio
    Finally, if you have a nice outdoor patio or balcony at home, why not use it as a place to read?

With a comfortable chair, good lighting, and maybe a little table for your drink or snack, your patio can be the perfect place to read and enjoy some fresh air at the same time.

So there you have it – 14 of the best places to read a book! Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to study, a cozy place to read a novel, or a beautiful outdoor location to enjoy some fresh air and a book, there’s sure to be a spot on this list that’s perfect for you.

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